‘WE ARE SAATH’ student organization focuses on mental health in South Asian community; new members welcome

“WE ARE SAATH” is a non-profit and social movement student organization that aims to promote awareness and discuss mental health in the South Asian community. The group seeks to break down the stigma around mental health, explore methods to cope with pressures of school and the community, and build friendships.  

The organization’s “Dialogue Circles” seek to normalize talking about different mental health topics and taking on the stigma. View the schedule/list of topics and sign up to attend.  

WE ARE SAATH also offers a friendship pairing program called “Saathi,” a great way to form lasting friendships with new people. 

The organization’s first “Saath Show” will be this April. This is a virtual stress-free show where participants are invited to share their story or express themselves by dancing, singing, acting, reciting, sharing fashion, artwork and more. 

Those interested in joining WE ARE SAATH are invited to complete the online form.