OEI seeking faculty and staff volunteers to help coordinate student programming for Mental Health Days

MUSG and the Office of Engagement and Inclusion team is coordinating student-centered programming for the first of four Mental Health Days for students this semester.  

Faculty and staff can support students by participating in scheduled programming for these days. If you have a talent, skill or area of interest and would like to be a “Featured Faculty/Staff Member” on a “MU Staycation Day,” complete this form. 

If your office or department has a program, event or activity that you would like to have included on the Staycation Day agendas and promoted on the MU Staycation website, complete the MU Staycation Event form. 

Those willing to assist with staffing in-person and take-and-go events can complete the All Hands On-Deck form. Event staffing may include checking attendees in (checking for cleared COVID Cheq passes, disinfecting materials used, distributing give-a-ways, etc). 

Learn more about MU Staycation Days” on OEI’s website.

With questions, email the Office of Engagement and Inclusion