Marquette Literary Review submissions due March 16

The Marquette Literary Review (MLR) is a student-run organization that publishes an annual magazine, which features creative writing from the Marquette community. 

MLR seeks to create a space where the Marquette community can be creative, share their work and interact with other writers and readers in meaningful ways.  

Individual submissions can be any of the following: 

  • Short stories
  • Short scripts
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Poetry
  • Artwork
  • Photography
  • Short video (performance piece of written work, slam poetry, independent film) or other media

The submission deadline is Tuesday, March 16. 

To submit content or questions, email the Marquette Literary Review. Include your name in the file title but remove your name from the actual document. Submissions will be reviewed by editors and readers.  

Further submission guidelines can be found online.