University reaffirms commitment to international education

International education is an important component of a Marquette education, and the university is committed to continuing to support international students as well as students who choose to study abroad during their time at Marquette.

For the past three consecutive years (prior to 2020), 30% of Marquette graduating seniors participated in a study abroad program or university-sponsored international experience, and 97% of participants indicated that their experience positively impacted their learning. Marquette has 95 active international agreements in 48 different countries and multiple faculty-led study abroad programs.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted international education in many ways, Marquette remains committed to welcoming international students to our campus and continuing to provide students with transformative, high-impact experiences.

With Terence Miller, director, and Ellen Blauw, associate director and manager of International Students and Scholars, both retiring from the Office of International Education on Friday, Jan. 29, 2021, a thorough review of the office was done to ensure that the level of care and support that faculty, staff and students have come to expect of OIE would continue.

The following organizational changes are being implemented:

  • The study abroad staff, reporting to Karli Webster, associate director and manager of study abroad, will report to Dr. John Baworowsky, vice president of enrollment management. Baworowsky has more than 20 years of experience in international education, having served at an overseas university and supervised international education at prior institutions.
  • Each college will be assigned to a member of the study abroad staff. Marquette has an expansive number of study abroad sites as well as faculty-led, short-term study abroad experiences. A focus on providing exceptional counseling and support to students planning to study abroad will continue.
  • The student recruitment and advising staff, comprised of Michael Groen and Susan Whipple, will also now report to Baworowsky.
    • Visa processing services will be shifted to Groen and Whipple, who will also continue to support our international students when they arrive on campus.
    • Caroline Oas, adjunct assistant professor in the ESL program, will continue to offer English classes to strengthen students’ language skills as appropriate.

Yao Andrew and Alice Wei in the Office of Enrollment Management will support Groen and Whipple in recruitment of international students. Katie Schumacher, assistant director of national recruitment, will work with international students attending U.S. high schools. The team is developing new partnerships that will bring more international students to Marquette and provide support when they arrive.

With these announced changes, Marquette looks forward to continuing to fulfill its mission through international education and to maintain the momentum that has already been achieved. We thank all of those involved that will continue to do the good work moving forward.