Students: instructors will now be able to view your COVID Cheq completion status

Daily COVID Cheq screenings will resume on Friday, Jan. 22, for most students returning to campus. All students are encouraged to review their COVID Cheq preferences at the start of the new semester using the Opt-in/Opt-out Form.

COVID Cheq should be completed at the start of your day. A green pass is required for entry in some areas/buildings/classes on campus.

New this semester, instructors will now be able to see whether or not you completed COVID Cheq each day. This allows them to more easily check students completion and enforce student participation for COVID Cheq — a key element of Marquette’s overall institutional strategy for risk mitigation to protect the campus community.

Note: Instructors will not be able to see the results of your screening; they will only see whether students completed it or not. Therefore instructors may still wish to have students show their phones with the “green check” at the start of class.

Students are reminded that completing COVID Cheq each day is an important step in monitoring your health and reducing the spread of the virus on campus. Repeated failure to complete COVID Cheq will result in fines and may escalate to conduct charges.

With questions, email