December Academic Experience Survey results now available

Results from the December Academic Experience Survey are now available online.  

The Academic Experience Surveys, which were administered at several points throughout the fall 2020 semester, collected information from students and instructors to better understand their academic experiences.  

Each survey asked about various topics, such as: 

  • Access to technology and resources  
  • Challenges with instruction and instructional tools  
  • Experiences with the various instruction modes  
  • Concerns covering a range of topics 
  • Experiences with course instructors (for students) 

The surveys were not course specific; each individual received one survey.  

About a fourth (26%) of instructors responded to the second instructor survey, administered in mid-December 2020.  

Survey results were reviewed by a small team of faculty, staff and students. Recommendations are being communicated to the COVID-19 Academic Planning Group, Department Chairs, the Academic Deans Council, and the Provost’s Cabinet for action and implementation.