Changes to Marquette’s COVID-19 alert level

In review of current COVID-19 metrics of the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, in conjunction with our internal gating criteria, the university’s alert level will change from High to Moderate. The Moderate Alert Level indicates that while underlying threat of outbreak remains, prevalence of the virus is lower and testing and contact tracing capacities are robust.

Marquette’s alert levels were informed by guidance from, the CDC and American Enterprise Institute’s Road Map to Reopening, and they have been approved by the City of Milwaukee Health Department. More information is available in the university’s Recovery Plan.

Strict adherence to COVID-19 mitigation strategies continues to be critical. As a reminder:

  • Physical distancing and wearing a mask or cloth face covering remains mandatory in all public spaces at Marquette.
  • Appropriate use of cloth face coverings that cover both the mouth and nose is critical for minimizing the risk to others.
    • The cloth face covering should encapsulate respiration, whereas loose fitting bandanas, cloth containing openings, neck gaiters and mesh face coverings are not acceptable protection.
  • Do your part to keep our community healthy by staying home if you are ill, get tested if symptomatic, and comply with contact tracing, quarantine and isolation protocols.