Center for Teaching and Learning announces call for papers on what it means to be an educator today

Marquette faculty of all ranks and from all disciplines are invited to submit an essay reflecting on what it means to be an educator in this moment. “Moment” can be defined broadly and submissions from a wide range of perspectives are welcome.  

Topics may include: 

  • Catholic social teaching
  • COVID-19 research and education
  • Ignatian pedagogy
  • Adaptive teaching and learning
  • Racial injustice and the classroom
  • Radical kinship
  • The mission of a Jesuit university
  • Our changing educational landscape

For more information, including submission guidelines and additional topic ideas, see the full Call for Papers document.  

An intent to participate must be sent to the CTL by Saturday, Jan. 30, and the final submissions will be due by Saturday, May 15. 

With questions, contact the CTL, indicating “CFP Educator” in the subject line.