Spring 2021 university residency requirement update

Editor’s note:
The following message was sent on Wednesday, Oct. 28, to students currently living in the residence halls as well as any student who is required to live in a residence hall but took an online course load for fall and opted to live at their permanent address. This message does not pertain to current sophomore students who opted out and signed leases.

Dear students,

To maintain a less residentially dense campus to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to accommodate students with a fully remote spring semester schedule, the university is announcing the following changes to its university residency requirement for all current and incoming first-year, sophomore and transfer students for the spring 2021 semester only:

If you are able to register for and secure a fully online spring 2021 semester AND you will be living at your permanent home address, the university will release you from the on-campus residency requirement.

You must be enrolled in a full online schedule and submit a residency waiver request to the Office of Residence Life by Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 4 p.m. CST to exercise the residency requirement waiver. Release forms can be downloaded from the ORL website and emailed to ORL@marquette.edu when completed. Students who completed a form for the fall term will need to resubmit a form for the spring term.

Your eligibility will be based on a fully online course load as reflected in CheckMarq — self-reporting will not be sufficient. If your class schedule as shown in CheckMarq changes from a fully online course load to include at least one in person class or hybrid class schedule on or before Feb. 2, 2021, you will be assigned to a residence hall space and meal plan.

Additional guidance on the residency requirement changes:

  • All first-year and sophomore students exercising the waiver must live at their permanent home address — off campus apartment housing will not be permitted.
  • All first-year and sophomore students taking any in-person or hybrid classes must stay in the university residence halls.
  • All first-year and sophomore students who live outside of a 35-mile radius of campus and are unable to take a fully online course load must live on campus.
  • Housing assignments will be made before the end of the calendar year and will continue on a rolling basis as new students are admitted.

This residency requirement waiver is for the spring 2021 semester only; standard residency requirements as outlined by the university are in place  for the 2021-22 academic year.

With questions, contact the Office of Residence Life via orl@marquette.edu or (414) 288-7208.


Dr. Xavier Cole
Vice president for student affairs

Mary Janz
Executive director of housing and residence life