Policy Review Committee shares four UPP updates

Marquette University provides University Policies and Procedures for the Marquette community as a written record of approved and current academic, operational, financial, and business policies and procedures.

The Policy Review Committee is responsible for guiding good practices in university policy governance and to ensure collaboration and consistency in university policy development — the committee does not originate or have final approval for policies.  Final approval is by the provost and senior vice president/chief operating officer. The committee reviews proposed and revised UPPs for compliance, policy consistency, clarity, and operational efficiency, and reaches out to stakeholders who may be impacted to secure feedback. The Policy Review Committee includes members from the offices of the Provost, General Counsel, Finance and Human Resources. The Policy Review Committee reviews all UPPs at minimum every five years to determine whether they should continue as UPPs and, if so, whether any additions, deletions or modifications are appropriate.

Here is an overview of recently revised UPPs, which are available in full on the UPP website.

UPP 1-09 – Travel Reimbursement Policy
This policy has been updated, mainly in Section 3.A to clarify mileage reimbursement including providing examples. 

UPP 1-30 Direct Deposit Policy
With more than 95% of staff and faculty currently enrolled in direct deposit, the Policy Review Committee agreed to move this policy from a UPP to a human resources department policy.

UPP 4-07 Severance Policy
Key changes:

  • Updated the health care portion of the severance plan from continuation on Marquette’s employee health plans to a subsidy equal to the Marquette employer contribution to be used toward COBRA or options on the exchange.
  • The calculation for the service and salary severance option was adjusted to better align with the market. The dual calculation remains, with the employee receiving the higher of the two calculations.
  • Based on actual usage, outplacement services were adjusted to three months.

UPP 5-02 Tobacco and Vape-Free Environment
The Policy Review Committee worked with MUSG to update this policy to include vaping.