Be aware of recent vehicle thefts on campus; lock your vehicles

The campus community should be aware of recent trend of vehicle thefts on campus.

MUPD encourages all members of the Marquette community to be aware of their surroundings and always lock vehicles and residences, especially when unattended.

Please note MUPD has noticed an increase in stolen Hyundai models, so individuals with Hyundais should be particularly vigilant.

To prevent a vehicle theft, be sure to:

  • Always lock your vehicle, when you are in the car and away from it
  • Do not leave your identification, keys, wallets, checkbooks or other valuables in open view
  • Secure your valuables and engrave expensive items with identifying information.
  • Always lock your doors and windows
  • Consult with MUPD Crime Prevention about effective theft prevention devices
  • Report any suspicious activities to MUPD
    If you observe any suspicious behavior or fear for your safety at any time, contact MUPD at (414) 288-1911 or through one of the more than 450 blue light phones on and near campus.

The university encourages all students, faculty and staff to download MUPD’s free safety app, EagleEye, as an added layer of security. The EagleEye app features a mobile BlueLight feature, which allows users to press a button in the app that connects them directly to MUPD and sends the device’s location in real-time, as long as location services are turned on.

Learn more on MUPD’s website.