Updates made to Pivot, the funding database

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, upgrades were made to Pivot, a searchable funding database to which Marquette subscribes.

Now, when you go to log into Pivot, users will see a new login and dashboard page. The new configurations are designed to give an upgraded look and feel.

The updates make Pivot more:

  • User friendly – more intuitive access to the most important and used features 
  • Helpful – additional on-screen links to guide users to available help and resources  
  • Responsive – designed to be used and displayed fully across any device, desktop, mobile, etc. 
  • Accessible – provide a database that is accessible for all users 

Most familiar searches and results pages will not be affected. The most noticeable changes will be the new login page, home dashboard page and the more intuitive navigation and placement of features. Below are a few more details about these changes and other updates: 

  • New login page – Fresh look and feel providing more direct access to login and get started. You will still access Pivot from the same URL. 
  • New home dashboard page – The new landing page is more inviting and intuitive for ease of use, including:
    • A personalized welcome
    • Links to saved and curated funding opportunities
    • Easy access to your profile and groups
    • A large search bar
    • New menus to jump to saved items and other key information
  • New intuitive placement of tabs – All features from the current format remain, however the placement and navigation menus to get to these features are updated to be more intuitive for ease of use. 
  • Active and tracked opportunities combination – To reduce confusion of these two features, they have been combined to “Tracked Opportunities.” Active opps have been migrated to your “tracked list” with a special notation so that no information is lost. 
  • Expanded number of results per page – Users can now choose to view an increased number of opportunities per page; from 25 to 50, 100 and up to 200. 
  • Expandable facets on funding pages – Users can now expand facets, giving you the ability to view more facet and filtering options per category, making it easier to zoom in on the most relevant results. 

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research will host a “Finding Funding/Pivot Virtual Webinar” on Thursday, Sept. 24, at 11 a.m.

Participants will learn more about these changes and navigating Pivot during the session. Register via EventbriteThis information is also available on the ORSP’s website 

With questions, contact Averia Flaschassistant director of project planning and development.