University partners with ‘TurboVote’ to make voter registration easier

MUSG has partnered with “TurboVote,” a tool that helps eligible voters navigate the voting process. TurboVote makes voter registration and requesting absentee ballots easy by sending reminders and information about voting. Students can opt in to TurboVote by visiting Marquette’s TurboVote website.

Marquette encourages all eligible students to register to vote in the Nov. 3 election.

Due to COVID-19, the Wisconsin Election Commission and many other states encourage absentee voting. Wisconsin residents can register in their local municipality and request an absentee ballot. Deadlines vary by state; students should check their registration status and request and absentee ballot as soon as possible to ensure they meet their deadline.

Visit the Marquette Voter Information site for more information.

STUDENTS: If you received an unsolicited voter registration, absentee ballot request or document that is not from the Wisconsin Elections Commission or the Milwaukee Elections Commission, DO NOT use these forms as they may contain errors.

All eligible student voters should visit or the Marquette TurboVote website to register to vote in Wisconsin or your home state. Once registered, you will be able to request an absentee ballot. The Marquette TurboVote site directs students to the government’s My Vote Wisconsin website to accurately process voter registration and absentee ballot requests.

Absentee voting encouraged in Nov. 3 election; helpful reminders for Illinois voters