University launches updated COVID-19 dashboard

The university launched an updated COVID-19 dashboard on Tuesday, Sept. 1. Data from the dashboard will help inform the COVID Response Team as they monitor and make decisions regarding Marquette’s current coronavirus status.

The new dashboard displays cumulative cases from Aug. 21 on, and includes information on new daily cases, test numbers and results, and the university’s Alert Level. These numbers will be updated daily, Monday through Friday, at 2 p.m. Additionally, gating criteria and status will be updated weekly on Fridays at 2 p.m. Elevated gating criteria metrics will require us to evaluate and potentially change our course of action to move back through our recovery plan stages. Much like the City of Milwaukee, there is no one metric or combination of metrics that will necessitate one course of action.

The new dashboard is available at

Increased testing of symptomatic students and their close contacts is very important, as it will provide a better overall understanding of the prevalence of cases on campus, allowing the university to mitigate the spread of the virus. All students who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or students who have been in close contact someone with coronavirus, are urged to contact the Marquette University Medical Clinic at (414) 288-7184 to schedule a free COVID-19 test. Marquette has established an on-campus testing center in Coughlin Hall and is providing tests to students free of charge.

Additionally, the university established four COVID Alert Levels to indicate the severity of COVID-19 transmission and implications for the university operations.

These four Alert Levels were informed by guidance from, the CDC and American Enterprise Institute’s Road Map to Reopening, and they have been approved by the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

Learn more about the Alert Levels in the Step Four Recovery Plan.