Nearly 95% of students have completed the online COVID-19 educational module

Before arriving on campus this semester, all students were asked to complete an online COVID-19 educational module through the Safe Colleges platform. Marquette thanks the nearly 95% of undergraduate, graduate and professional students who have completed this training, which is just one aspect of our greater responsibility to Be the Difference and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 for the Marquette community.

The Safe Colleges training is a significant element of the initiative to prepare the community as a whole to return to an in-person semester. For an in-person experience to be successful, it’s critical that students are aware of university expectations and their individual responsibilities.

As the semester continues, there will be ongoing education and updates to the COVID student resources page. It’s important that we continue to make progress in our various mitigation efforts to reduce the spread of the virus on campus and protect one another. This includes completing COVID Cheq daily, wearing a mask, maintaining six feet of distance between yourself and others, staying home when you feel sick, avoiding large gatherings, washing your hands often, and using hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes.

Visit Marquette’s dedicated coronavirus website for regular updates, FAQs and more.