Dining Services update: Schroeder Dining Hall has re-opened; services for Cobeen residents and other students in quarantine or isolation

Dining Services shares the following updates with the Marquette community about its operational plan for students in quarantine or isolation. 

The university’s food services continues to adapt to changing circumstances due to COVID-19. Students who are not currently in quarantine or isolation should use this information for future reference in case they find themselves in quarantine at any point.

Schroeder Dining Hall has re-opened
As of Tuesday, Sept. 29, Dining Services has returned to normal operations for the Schroeder dining hall. It is once again open to all students on campus (except for students in quarantine at Cobeen Hall).

Services for residents at Cobeen Hall

  • The Cobeen Dining Hall will be closed to non-Cobeen residents during the two-week quarantine
  • The dining hall will only be available to Cobeen residents.
  • Snacks are available for students throughout the day (while the dining hall is open)
  • Cobeen will continue to serve “Simple Servings,” free of the eight common allergens, and make necessary accommodations for students who have dietary needs or restrictions
  • Dining Services has increased its vegan and vegetarian offerings with a variety of products including new items from Morning Star Farms

Non-Cobeen Hall students who are quarantined or in isolation in the residence halls or at the Ambassador Hotel

  • When students are placed in quarantine or isolation, Dining Services emails students with weekly menu options. 
  • Accommodations will be made for students with dietary needs or restrictions. With questions, contact Lucas, the Dining Services dietitian, at diningservicesdietitian@marquette.edu.  
  • Quarantined students can pick up meals near the front desk. Students in isolation will have meals delivered to their doors by Office of Residence Life staff 
  • Lunch is delivered between noon and 12:30 p.m. each day. Dinner and breakfast (for the next day) is delivered between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Dining Services also provides additional snack items with these meals. 

Dining Services supports students during this time. Staff continue to work on the front lines each day to serve the Marquette community and improve the quarantine / isolation experience by providing a quality dining experience. 

Dining Services continues to make changes daily and welcomes feedback. With feedback or questions, contact Alex Abendschein, marketing manager for Marquette Dining Services.