Connect Retreat for first-year students is Sept. 19

Campus Ministry will host the Connect Retreat on Saturday, Sept. 19.  

The retreat is an opportunity for all first year Marquette students to consider these questions and more: 

  • How has Marquette been so far? 
  • What has gone well and what has been most challenging? 
  • Where has God been present—or more absent? 
  • How can faith be a greater part of your daily life? 

The retreat serves as an opportunity to build community with other students asking similar questions. With both fellow retreat participants and older student leaders ready to share their own struggles and growth, students can expect to end the day with new companions for your journey. 

The retreat is currently scheduled to take place in person in outdoor spaces but may pivot to an online format if needed. The number of participants will be limited per COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.

More information and registration is available on Campus Ministry website