Book Marq update: Expect delays for fall books, return books from spring asap

The Book Marq continues to process orders submitted online, however COVID-19 has introduced several challenges therefore fall orders will be slightly delayed.

Delays are due to limited store occupancy, limited staffing, delays with receiving textbook orders, and changes to course materials.

Due to the limited occupancy of 35 customers in the store at one time, the Book Marq has implemented an online reservation system where students can make an appointment to visit the storeIf a student decides to visit the store in person to acquire course materials sooner, contact the Book Marq so that the online order can be canceled. If changes must be made to an order, email the Book Marq with the order number and details of the changes needed.  

The Book Marq is also working to send a message to all faculty to ensure they are aware of these issues and delays. This message will help faculty and staff better understand these current challenges and assist students still waiting to receive their course materials. 

Spring 2020 rental returns
The Book Marq is waiting for more than 1,800 rented textbooks to be returned by students from the spring 2020 semester. The replacement charge date has been extended to Friday, Sept25. Once charges are made on Sept. 25, these replacement fees will be final with no refund available. 

Return books as soon as possible – either by shipment or making a reservation via the Bookings App