Apply to attend Marquette Action Program justice-based webinars

In collaboration with students from Creighton University’s John P. Schlegel, S.J., Center for Service, the Marquette Action Program (M.A.P.) invites students to participate in a weekend-long virtual webinar to discuss various justice topics.  

Students are invited to choose one of the following M.A.P. options: 

  • Virtual M.A.P. Migration: “Share the Journey” from Friday, Sept. 25, through Sunday, Sept. 27 
  • Virtual M.A.P. Racial Justice: Eyes Open from Friday, Oct. 2, through Sunday, Oct. 4 

The cost is $15 (matching funds from former M.A.P. participants and their families is available if requested). All funds will go toward agencies that M.A.P. is unable to support in-person due to COVID-19. 

Additional webinars may be planned for the spring semester. 

Apply to attend a virtual webinar via Qualtrics.