Step 4 Recovery Plan released

Marquette is now in Step 4 of its five-step Recovery Plan. The Step 4 document is now available on the university’s COVID-19 website.

The 63-page document includes the following new and updated processes and guidelines, building off of the Step 3 document:

  • Alert levels informed by guidance from, the CDC and American Enterprise Institute’s Road Map to Reopening
  • Gating criteria including testing results timing, percentage of positive tests, quarantine/isolation capacity, access to personal protective equipment and percentage of contacts reached within a 24-hour period when a positive case is confirmed
  • Information on when, where and how to properly wear cloth and disposable masks
  • Introduction to COVID Cheq, a daily symptom screening tool
  • Information on Marquette’s testing plan
  • Updated CDC guidelines for symptoms, travel, proper PPE and more
  • Student quarantine and isolation guidelines
  • A Student Life section highlighting residence halls and dining, the student welcome kit, Marquette’s Community Standards and Community Pledge, education modules, student employment guidance and more
  • Update on the reopening of the Child Care Center
  • Travel guidelines for employees
  • Guidance for events on campus