Free COVID testing available for employees

Free COVID-19 testing is available to employees (and their families) who are enrolled in Marquette’s medical insurance plan through UMR.

There is also testing available for those who do not have Marquette’s medical insurance; read the information below to determine where tests are available.

Specific details regarding testing, which tests are covered, how to request a test and more is below.

Free COVID-19 testing

  • During this national public health emergency, Marquette’s medical plans will cover medically necessary COVID-19 testing at no cost share (no co-payment, co-insurance or deductible) when ordered by a health care provider for the purposes of diagnosis or treatment of employees and/or family members enrolled in Marquette’s plan.
  • Marquette’s plans are also waiving cost sharing for COVID-19 testing-related visits during this time.
  • While COVID-19 testing costs will be waived for both in- and out-of-network providers, Marquette strongly encourages employees to use in-network providers, as any out-of-network follow-up care or treatment will be more expensive for employees.
    • For example: urgent care, emergency room, and items and services related to the visit will be covered based on the terms in the medical plan. Therefore, higher out-of-network deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance would apply to care, services or supplies beyond the test itself and test-related provider visit.
  • There currently is not a limit in the number of COVID-19 tests a covered employee and/or family member may receive under Marquette’s health plans during this national health emergency, however you must receive an order from your medical provider for the testing (see “requesting a test” below).
  • Free COVID-19 testing is also offered by municipal health departments or some retail pharmacies to the general public, including those who do not have medical insurance through Marquette University. View locations and hours (subject to change).

Tests covered
Marquette’s medical plan covers the following types of COVID-19 tests ordered by a health care provider at approved locations:

  • Diagnostic tests for COVID-19
    • These include virus and antigen detection tests that determine if a person is currently infected with COVID-19.
  • Antibody (serology) COVID-19 test
    • These tests may determine if a person has been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Home tests
    • Generally not covered by this benefit, as most are not FDA approved.

Please note: testing offered to the general public through municipal health departments or retail pharmacies generally do not require you to access your Marquette medical plan benefits.

Requesting a test

  • Employees and family members cannot self-refer for testing. Rather, if you believe you have COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider immediately. Your provider will determine if a COVID-19 test is needed and order the appropriate lab test at the appropriate location.
  • Diagnostic testing is being prioritized for those with COVID-19 symptoms and/or those who’ve been exposed to the virus.
    • Note that due to a nationwide shortage, availability of tests is limited for those who have no known exposure or are non-symptomatic.

Providers and medical insurance resources

  • Employees should contact their primary care provider for the most direct and expedited access to COVID-19 consultation and testing.
  • Some medical providers are not accepting new patients who are only seeking access to COVID-19 testing.
    • Call the UMR member phone number on the back of your insurance card – (800) 207-3172— if you need help finding an in-network provider.
    • UMR can also help you identify “premium designated providers,” who are highly rated in both quality of care and cost effectiveness to make the most of your benefits dollars.
  • While Teledoc is available to Marquette’s medical plan participants for various medical consultations and emergency prescriptions, Teledoc providers cannot issue orders for COVID-19 testing or labs.

Prepare now: identify a primary care provider
It’s far easier to plan when you’re healthy versus in crisis mode. Prepare yourself and your family now should the need arise later for COVID-19 testing / treatment.

You can prepare now by identifying a primary care provider. Those with established patient/provider relationships are in the best position to navigate the health care system should the need arise for COVID-19 testing or care.

Call the UMR member phone number on the back of your insurance card – (800) 207-3172— to help you identify in-network providers for you and your covered family members.

With benefits or coverage questions, your first contact should be with UMR via (800)-207-3172 or If you still have questions after contacting them, contact Human Resources via or (414) 288-7305.