University celebrates rescission of recent ICE guidance for international students

Dear Marquette community,

Last week, we shared a message in support of our international students in light of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announcing new polices, which limited our international students’ ability to study in the U.S.

We were thrilled to hear the news earlier this week that, after pushback from many colleges and universities–including Harvard and MIT—the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rescinded its earlier guidance, which negatively impacted fall semester student enrollment, online learning and maintaining F-1 student visa status

As we shared last week, Marquette has and always will support our international students and their right to study in the U.S. As a Catholic, Jesuit institution, Marquette seeks to be an inclusive learning community proud to educate and employ individuals from many backgrounds, perspectives and national origins.

Yesterday, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) also released a statement in support of the rescission:

“As an association, we joined over 70 other higher education associations and organizations in an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit brought on by Harvard and MIT in response to the ICE guidance. Many individual institutions joined the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration on amicus briefs in that case, as well as lawsuits brought forth by the attorneys general of several states. Still others filed suit against the government, seeking an injunction to stop ICE from enforcing this guidance, and halt the policy from being implemented. Our institutions’ ongoing advocacy stems from valuing global collaboration and having a keen awareness that the Jesuit mission of forming persons who are charged with making the world a better place is one that has no borders or boundaries.”

Marquette is home to more than 500 international students from around the world. Our mission calls for us to be inclusive of community members from all backgrounds, and that includes our many international students who come from all parts of the globe. We support you and we stand in solidarity with you, especially when it means fighting for your right to continue your Marquette education.

We are ALL Marquette.


Terence Miller, JD
Director of International Education

Dr. William Welburn
Vice President for Inclusive Excellence