Stacy Tuchel honored with Excellence in University Service Award

Stacy with her husband, Randy, and their daughter, Katie, who graduated from Marquette in 2017.

Stacy Tuchel is the office associate for the Office of Marketing and Communication. She is one of four staff members to receive a 2020 Excellence in University Service Award.

During her 21 years at Marquette, Stacy, who has been lovingly dubbed by many as the “office mom,” has established a reputation as an incredibly kind, reliable and humble person.

Cura personalis, the Ignatian principle of caring for the whole person, is integral to Stacy, as she constantly strives to make the jobs of more than 30 people in OMC easier, while simultaneously taking a personal interest in her colleagues’ lives and well-being.

Stacy with colleague and friend, Steve Frieder.

Testimonials from numerous individuals who nominated Stacy for the award shed light on the ways in which Stacy positively impacts the office culture. 

“Stacy goes above and beyond to make everyone feel special and to meet people where they are, in the spirit of St. Ignatius,” one nominator wrote. “She has become a fixture at Marquette and when new office associates are onboarded, most offices have them meet with Stacy so she can share all her wisdom, tips and tricks.”

Stacy with OMC colleagues at a Brewers game.

In addition to characterizing Stacy as professional multitasker, often happily and confidently tackling work outside of her job description with great precision, another nominator wrote that they “appreciate the smile that lights up Stacy’s face and her infectious laugh that can be heard throughout the office. Stacy Tuchel is Marquette.”

Stacy with friends and family.
Stacy with OMC colleagues at the annual office Christmas party.

Other nominators underscored Stacy as an invaluable presence in OMC who is as good at dealing with sensitive matters as she is at organizing “fun-tivities” to celebrate things like the office’s 100% participation in the Marquette Community Campaign, holidays and anniversaries. All this helps boost morale and bring people together to create some lighthearted, memorable moments.

Stacy offers her expertise to proofread content, organize schedules, update crisis communication plans and distribute OMC’s publications. Yet, in true “office mom” fashion, she has also become the official guardian of the office refrigerator, making sure it’s cleaned out before every Christmas and summer break — an effort everyone in the office greatly appreciates. It’s the follow-up emails to her teammates, though, reporting on the “fridge-finds,” that have become a source of much-anticipated fun over the years.

One colleague says Stacy’s unofficial motto is: “How can I help?” As evidenced by the words of her coworkers, Stacy helps in more ways than she will ever know.

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