Reminder: departments must complete approval process and required training before employees can return to campus; employees must follow guidelines if visiting campus for any amount of time

The university reminds all employees – faculty, staff and student employees – that you should not be working on campus right now unless:

  1. You have already been approved to work on campus in Step 1 (and have completed the required training) OR
  2. You have been approved by the Recovery Team to return in Step 2 (and have completed the required training)

The return to campus process is outlined in detail in the Recovery Plan Step 2 protocols.

The university is currently in Step 2 of its Recovery Plan, meaning no more than 30% of the university’s total faculty and staff should be working on campus. Even though some faculty and staff may find it easier or preferable to work on campus opposed to their homes, it’s important that employees follow the university’s phased return to work process as there are health and safety considerations related to cleaning of facilities and mandatory training, which are being closely tracked and managed by Human Resources and the COVID-19 Response Team.

If you simply need to stop by campus to pick something up from your workspace, it’s important that you still follow Step 2 guidelines while on campus (i.e. wear a mask, social distance). View a detailed outline of the current protocols.

Those who are currently working on campus and have not taken the training or received a link to the online training should contact Wendy Butler, director of organizational development.