Fall 2020 classroom scheduling in CheckMarq

The university’s class scheduling effort is an enormously complex task that is not yet completed, so classrooms assigned in CheckMarq for fall 2020 should not be viewed as final.

In alignment with public health guidance to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, in-person fall 2020 classes will require six feet of physical distance between seats, which will restrict the number of individuals in a classroom to no more than 50 (students and faculty).

Adhering to these guidelines will require changes to the majority of scheduled classes. In many cases, classes will be held in larger rooms than in past semesters, including in spaces that were previously dedicated to events, like the AMU.

In some classes, students may only attend in-person on select meeting days, and online content will be provided to cover instruction on the remaining days. Other classes, particularly larger lectures, may be moved to an entirely online format, although some will retain a meeting schedule to allow for real-time virtual interaction.

Marquette’s primary goal is to maximize the number of classes that meet in-person and to ensure learning outcomes are maintained regardless of how each class is taught.

Further communications will be shared as final decisions are made about class scheduling, which is currently targeted for mid-July.

Visit the Recovery Site for more information about the university’s return to campus processes and protocols.