Antibody testing statement from the COVID-19 Response Team’s Medical Subcommittee

Many members of the Marquette community have recently asked about antibody testing as the university prepares to reopen in the fall.

The COVID-19 Response Team Medical Subcommittee shared this statement, which is available on the university’s coronavirus website.

The statement addresses questions surrounding use of antibody testing on campus, specifically the fact that additional data is needed before antibody testing can be used to determine the individual’s risk of becoming re-infected with COVID-19.

Because more data is needed regarding whether antibody testing indicates immunity, at this time these tests should not be used to:

1) Make decisions about grouping persons residing in congregate settings, such as schools or residence halls OR

2) Make decisions about employees returning to the workplace or whether individual first responders need to use PPE

Members of the Medical Subcommittee include:

  • Keli Wollmer, MPAS, PA-C, executive director of the Marquette University Medical Clinic)
  • Dr. AJ Grove, assistant director of the Medical Clinic
  • Robert Paxton, MPAS, PA-C, clinical professor of physician assistant studies, associate chair and director of Didactic Education
  • MaryJo Wiemiller, PA-C, M.S., clinical associate professor and chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies
  • Dr. Robin Brown, staff physician at the Medical Clinic
  • Dr. Brandt Mylott, staff physician at the Medical Clinic
  • Erik Munson, Ph.D., D (ABMM), assistant professor of clinical lab science

Learn more by reading the statement.