A message from the Employee Assistance Program: kindness matters more than ever right now

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) encourages the Marquette community to read this handout on the importance of kindness, especially during the current state of the country.

EAP shares the following message with Marquette:

Communities everywhere are coping with the global pandemic that seems to have turned our lives and our economy upside down. Our lives are being disrupted by COVID-19, and amid this disruption, we understand that the events of recent days have added to the angst many have already been feeling.

Per a message that was shared by Advocate Aurora Health President and CEO Jim Skogsbergh, “We must also acknowledge that this nation is faced with not one, but two pandemics. One we have been battling since March of this year, the other, unfortunately since our nation was formed.

Aurora’s message to all its partners is simple: “Please be kind to one another.”

Be the change you want to see. Consider your role in demonstrating kindness as we take the next steps and move forward through these challenging and uncertain times.

EAP has provided this handout on kindness and encourages Marquette employees to read it, reflect upon it and share with others if you feel so moved.

If you are struggling and in need of support, please contact EAP at (800) 236-3231. Learn more about the Aurora Employee Assistance Program.