Steve Frieder honored with Excellence in University Service Award

For Steve’s 21st anniversary of working at Marquette, several colleagues threw him a celebration.

Steve Frieder, Arts ’95, is the senior advisor to the president and corporate secretary. He is one of four staff members to receive the 2020 Excellence in University Service Award.

Steve’s “first and best teacher” was his mom, the late Judy Landmark Frieder. Among her many lessons, Judy urged Steve to always send cards, call or visit loved ones. Humbly, Steve suggests he has not always lived up to these lessons.

Steve with his mom at the US Open.

One nominator for his Excellence in University Service Award rightly disagrees. She wrote, “The way in which Steve demonstrated the Ignatian ideal of care for others most strongly, in my opinion, was his care for Martha Moore (who passed away in January 2020). The time he spent going to see her, relaying information to her colleagues, and participating in activities to make her smile (e.g., caroling) was really remarkable.”

Such examples are found throughout more than a dozen nominations Steve received for this award. Words like thoughtful, engaging and compassionate paint an accurate picture of a Marquette colleague who is also described as a workhorse who is often direct and protective.

Steve with family at a charity run. Running is one of Steve’s hobbies.
Steve with David McCullough, who received a doctor of letters honorary degree at Marquette’s 2011 Commencement ceremony.

Another nominator put it this way: “Steve may believe his strongest voice is that of nurturer, but I am most appreciative of his guardian voice — I always know that I can count on him to ‘guard, protect and defend’ Marquette, especially in difficult times.”

Kindhearted yet fiercely professional is exactly who Steve is. And for him, these qualities are never at odds with one another — it’s his deep care for others that drives him to do what is best for the university.

Steve Frieder’s 22 years at Marquette University has been a career in service to others that would doubtless make Judy beam with pride.

Steve shared a video to say what the award means to him and thank his colleagues for nominating him.

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