Reminder: check ‘other’ inbox and ‘spam’ folder to not miss important emails

Students, faculty and staff are reminded to periodically check your “other” inbox (for those using this type of sorting in Outlook) and email spam folders to ensure that important emails are not missed.

The “Focused Inbox” feature on Outlook separates users’ inbox into two tabs — “Focused” and “Other.” Your most important email messages are sorted into the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible — but out of the way — on the Other tab. You can turn this feature off or change how your messages get organized. Learn more about Focused/Other inbox.

Additionally, spam filtering has recently become more rigorous. Web mail providers such as Outlook use filters to identify marketing and promotional emails. However, these filters are not 100% accurate, so sometimes legitimate emails may go to your spam folder. For this reason, it’s important that you check that folder often for any important emails that may have been incorrectly classified.

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