Marquette programs and employees honored by ACUI

Marquette received three awards through the Association of College Unions International (ACUI). The awards would have been presented at the annual conference in March, which was canceled this year due to COVID-19.

The ACUI is a nonprofit educational organization that brings together college union and student activities professionals from hundreds of schools in multiple countries. The ACUI offers many opportunities to celebrate achievements in advancing community on campuses. Those honored through these awards serve as examples of successful leaders, scholars and innovators in the field.

The following colleagues and programs were honored:

Award: ACUI Values Award
Tricia Dobrient, Student Affairs graduate assistant

As a graduate assistant for Marquette’s Division of Student Affairs, Dobrient has improved outreach to the community and increased educational opportunities during staff meetings — serving as a relationship focused member of the team. She also became involved with the ACUI’s Region V Leadership Team, presenting sessions at its conference and challenging team members to broaden their thinking about how all of the region’s programs can and would affect students.

The ACUI Values Award is presented to up to five individuals annually who continuously uphold the ACUI core values in their daily work. The importance of the college union is actively demonstrated through this individual’s commitment to unconditional human worth, joy, learning, caring community, innovation, diversity and integrity.

Award: 2020 Joseph H. Benedict Social Change Award for Racial Justice Award
Winner: Students Advocating for Students, a Student Affairs program

This Division of Student Affairs diversity and inclusion training program was developed in 2018 with the goal of creating a healthier campus climate while empowering students to make a difference and become a positive agents of social change.

The program includes curriculum to help develop an individual’s understanding of identity and cultural competence. Students engage in conversations about power, privilege, oppression and other aspects of intersecting identities that impact life on campus.

The Joseph H. Benedict Jr. Social Change Award for Racial Justice honors an institution that develops an outstanding social justice program that stimulates conversation and action among campus constituents. The recipient institution will receive $800 in recognition of their campus’s engagement with inclusive conversations and strategies which encourage institutional change and address racial injustices.

Award: 2020 Richard D. Blackburn New Professional Award
Winner: Edi Kuhn, AMU building supervisor

Through her campus involvement, Kuhn is a role model for employee service. In addition to attending several ACUI conferences, Kuhn is a member of Staff Senate, a diversity advocate, a member of the Pride Prom Planning Committee and the leader of a campus volunteer program that works with local homeless shelters. Kuhn demonstrates the ability to show up and make a difference in other people’s lives each day.

The Richard D. Blackburn New Professional Award honors an emerging leader in the profession for their energy and involvement in advancing campus community. The recipient receives a $400 cash prize to celebrate their commitment and allow for additional networking with peers, continued career growth, and professional development.

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