Information about CARES Act, other funds to assist eligible students in need

Like many other institutions nationwide, Marquette University has received funds from the federal CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, which provides emergency financial aid grants to eligible students who are facing significant financial challenges.

Marquette has followed the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Education to determine how to disburse the funds to our students who demonstrate the most need, particularly students who are Pell eligible. Per the federal guidelines, funds are given directly to eligible students for eligible expenses, which include course materials and technology as well as food, housing, health care and childcare.

In total, the university is receiving approximately $6.6 million in relief funds. As directed by the Department of Education, half of that — $3.3 million — is earmarked for Marquette students who demonstrate the most need. Based on the federal allocation formula, the university has determined that 75% of the $3.3 million will automatically go to Pell eligible students. The remaining 25% will be earmarked for Title IV eligible students, who must apply for the funds.

The other half of the CARES Act funds will go toward the university’s roughly $15 million cost recovery from room and board refunds and other unexpected pandemic response costs.

Students who are federal Pell Grant eligible will automatically receive a grant to be disbursed on or after May 1, 2020. Students enrolled in direct deposit will begin to see the funds no earlier than the week of May 4; checks will be mailed the following week. Students who haven’t already signed up for direct deposit are encouraged to do so by Wednesday, May 6. Follow these direct deposit instructions. Because these grants are automatic, there is no further action required by those students or their families. These students will receive an email indicating they are eligible and will receive funds.

Students who are non-Pell but Title IV eligible need to complete an application to be considered for an award. Title IV eligibility is determined by filing the FAFSA form. Students with expenses due to COVID-19 disruption who are enrolled for spring term 2020 and have a valid FAFSA on file will receive an email today with a link to an online application that must be completed and returned by May 11 to be considered for emergency funding.

Following federal guidance, those with the highest financial need will have priority for funding. (Note: Pell students who are receiving the automatic grants cannot also apply for these additional funds).

Other emergency financial relief opportunities
CARES Act funds are not the only emergency funds the university has available to assist students who express significant need — Marquette is also making approximately $350,000 available through a Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant. Additionally, the university’s endowed Bridge to the Future fund is available.

To be considered for these emergency funds through Marquette, students must call Marquette Central at (414) 288-4000 to indicate that their financial circumstances have drastically changed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.