University urges social distancing over Easter holiday weekend

During Holy Week and into Easter weekend when traditions such as worship services and family gatherings typically take place, Marquette reminds all members of the university community that COVID-19 pandemic social distancing guidelines and state- and city-mandated stay-at-home orders remain in effect. Slowing the spread of the coronavirus depends significantly on all individuals continuing to be vigilant in their social distancing.

Please remain where you are to protect loved ones, especially those who are older and who may have chronic medical diagnoses such as heart, kidney, liver, or lung disease, diabetes, cancer, and other decreases in immune function. Children under one year old are also at higher risk. However, even those who are younger than 60 and have no health problems can contract the virus and develop the severe form of the illness. Further, many who are infected do not have symptoms but can still spread the virus.

Put simply: DO NOT TRAVEL to visit family or friends; likewise, do not invite them to your residence. ONLY have contact with family members or roommates with who whom you are currently residing daily.

The university reminds everyone that there are many other ways to stay connected to friends and family, including video chats, telephone calls and social media. Additionally, many churches are offering virtual Masses and other liturgical opportunities. For additional Marquette-specific information, visit the faith resources page on the university’s COVID-19 website.