‘Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic’ Student Resource Guide now available

As the Marquette community continues to face the challenges of this pandemic, the university remains committed to supporting all students — undergraduate, graduate / professional students.

A resource guide for students is now available on Marquette’s COVID-19 website.

Marquette is aware that not every student’s new reality looks the same. To ensure all students feel supported during this time, the DREAMers Support Committee created “Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic,” a resource guide for students who may be struggling to navigate this difficult time.

The guide includes practical advice and resources on various topics, including:

  • Academic and advising support
  • Basic necessities
  • Career Services
  • Employment/unemployment funding needs
  • Financial Aid
  • Specific resources for underrepresented students and families
  • Technology
  • Well-being