Reminder to submit inventions through the Office of Economic Engagement’s portal

The Office of Economic Engagement (OEE) acknowledges and appreciates all faculty, students and staff for boldly continuing their scholarship, research and education during these unprecedented times. These activities may give rise to patent-able inventions, copyright-able works and other forms of valuable intellectual property.

As an example, Marquette recently received a patent grant this past January for an invention of a motor assisted split crank pedaling device. Created by Dr. Sheila Schindler-Ivens, associate professor of physical therapy, Dr. Brian Schmit, professor of biomedical engineering, and graduate student Domenic Busa, this assistive lower limb rehabilitation device will help stroke patients. The team will continue to develop the device. View the full patent to learn more.

Please note that OEE promotes the advancement and sharing of knowledge through the protection and socially responsible licensing of intellectual property in keeping with Marquette’s research, education and service mission.

OEE supports such innovative endeavors and strongly encourages inventors to submit an invention disclosure before making a public disclosure, as this may limit the university’s ability to adequately protect the underlying intellectual property and licensing prospects. Examples of public disclosures include journal publications, abstracts, published grant abstracts, poster presentations, thesis presentations, oral presentations, website publications, email communications and phone calls with non-Marquette colleagues.

Any faculty, staff or student can disclose an invention by logging into the Inventor Portal using their Marquette log-in credentials. Contact Kalpa Vithalani, executive director of technology transfer, at (414) 288-0668 with questions.