MUSG presidential elections postponed to fall 2020

MUSG has decided to postpone its spring elections for the positions of  president, executive vice president and academic senators.

The decision was made by the elections coordinator in consultation with the Executive Board. virtual election would be logistically challenging, potentially minimizing the interaction between candidates and the undergraduate voting community. Additionally, some candidates would have been at a disadvantage due to COVID-19’s personal impact on themselves and their families.  

The election is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 17, 2020. The new MUSG president, executive vice president and academic senators will take office on Sept. 21, 2020.  

Until the inauguration of the new president, Sara Manjee will continue to serve in her role to ensure MUSG operations run smoothly over the summer and until the election. EVP Dan Brophy will remain in his role until he graduates, at which point President Manjee will determine whether to appoint an acting EVP until the fall election. 

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