Book Marq to provide shipping labels for textbook returns

Due to COVID-19 / remote learning for spring 2020, the Book Marq’s physical store is closed to the public through the end of the semester. Therefore, all rented textbooks will need to be shipped back via mail. Book Marq will provide each student with one free UPS shipping label to use when shipping these returns.

Books must be received by the Book Marq no later than Friday, May 15. Emails will be sent reminding students of this due date, along with a link to retrieve your free shipping label.

Visit Book Marq’s website for step-by-step return instructions.

Important reminders:

  • The label can only be created once, so all books must be shipped together.
  • You will need to enter your order number and email address to retrieve your shipping label.
  • Make note of your UPS Tracking Number before shipping your books.
  • In order to avoid any damage to your books, please place in a plastic bag, then in a box with packing material so there is no shifting during shipping.

With questions, email the Book Marq.