Voting in the April 7 Wisconsin Primary Election: Important information for students

Due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the university is sharing information pertinent to the April 7 Wisconsin Primary Election and encourages students to engage in the democratic process they’re able during this time, keeping in mind their health and safety the community.

Students who planned to vote in Wisconsin as a Milwaukee resident in the April 7 primary should be aware of the following:

  1. For those in Wisconsin but no longer on campus, you have the option to register to vote in your local municipality (e.g., Franklin, Wisconsin). You should check your local precinct for information on how to do so. Visit for further information.
  2. If your home residence is not Wisconsin but you had planned to vote as a Wisconsin resident, and you don’t have your Marquette Voter ID Card as of March 27, the university isn’t able to get you your Marquette Voter ID Card unless you can physically get to campus and pick up the card. Marquette is currently seeking permission to provide Marquette Voter ID Cards remotely, but unless the state agrees, unfortunately students will not be able to vote in the Wisconsin primary.
  3. For those who are still on campus and/or in the Marquette neighborhood, you can still request a Marquette Voter ID Card via this form. The Marquette Card Office will contact you via email in order to arrange to pick up your Voter ID Card if cards cannot be issued electronically.
  4. Voting in Wisconsin is limited to U.S. citizens who are:
    • At least 18 years old on Election Day
    • Have not been convicted of a felony (unless the citizen’s right to vote has been restored)
    • Are residents for 10 consecutive days or more of the district or ward where an election is being held

The State of Wisconsin also requires eligible voters to have a voter ID, as well as follow some other requirements listed below.

  1. You can only vote in the primary of one state. So if you voted in the Illinois Primary, for example, you cannot vote in the Wisconsin Primary.
  2. Under Wisconsin law, a proof of residence document is always needed when registering to vote. If you have registered to vote in the past, you can verify that the address and polling location match your current address at you previously registered, but have since moved, you likely need to re-register to vote. This is required even if you live in the same residence hall or apartment building but have moved to a different dorm room or apartment within the building. In Wisconsin, eligible voters must reside at their address for at least 10 days by Election Day in order to register to vote in that election district or ward.
  1. If you are not registered to vote in Wisconsin at as of March 27, you have three options:
    • The deadline to register online has been extended through March 30. See the Wisconsin Elections Commission website for more details. The Elections Commission is working to reinstate online registration in the next few days.
    • Register in-person at the Municipal Clerk’s Office, located at the City of Milwaukee Election Commission (200 East Wells, Room 501) up until 4:45 p.m., or the close of business, whichever is later, the Friday before the election – Friday, April 3.An eligible voter may register to vote in-person at the appropriate municipal clerk’s office. Wisconsin Law requires a proof of residence document when registering to vote.

    • Register in-person at the proper polling place on Election Day:
      An eligible voter may register at the polls on Election Day. An eligible voter must provide a proof of residence document when registering to vote as required by Wisconsin Law.NOTE: You will need a proof of residence to register to vote. Visit and read the section titled “ACCEPTABLE PROOF OF RESIDENCE DOCUMENTS” or see
  1. If you are registered to vote with the Wisconsin address at which you currently reside (you can check to see if you are registered at, it is highly recommended that you request an Absentee Ballot as soon as possible for April 7. The deadline is April 2, but do not wait. Request your absentee ballot online at
    • If you do not have a Wisconsin Driver’s License or State Issued ID, you will still need a photo ID to request your Absentee Ballot. You can use a number of different IDs, including a passport, which are listed here: If you need a Marquette Voter ID Card, see section 9 below.
  1. If you miss the deadline to request an Absentee Ballot, you can vote in-person at your polling site. All eligible Wisconsin voters, including students, must show an acceptable photo ID to receive a ballot. Eligible voters will also be asked to sign their name in the poll book per Wisconsin Election Law requirements. You can use a Marquette Voter ID Card as your photo ID. (NOTE: This is not the same as your MUID.) To get a Marquette Voter ID Card follow these steps:
    • Fill out the request form.
    • The Marquette Card Office will verify your enrollment, print your card and contact you with information about how to pick up your card (unless Marquette is authorized by the state to distribute Marquette Voter ID Cards electronically).
  1. Some polling places may have changed due to COVID-19 building closures. Check for your polling location.

Note that Wisconsin elections are governed by the State of Wisconsin and any changes to processes for the April 7 Wisconsin Primary are the jurisdiction of the state. Thus, students should verify any in-person voting information at

Visit for more information.