Students count at Marquette: Census process reminders

The 2020 U.S. Census is underway with census forms being sent to residences across the nation. As this only occurs once every 10 years, students are reminded about the process for the Marquette campus:

  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of students are not currently residing at their campus residence. It is important to remember that you should NOT be counted on your parents’ census form, EVEN if you are staying with your parents or guardians on April 1 due to COVID-19.
    • Students who live in a residence hall and campus-owned apartments have been counted by Marquette through the Census Bureau’s Group Quarters count.
    • Students who live in private off-campus housing should respond to the invitation they received in the mail.
  • Tentatively scheduled to begin in May, census takers will be active in the community to visit homes that have not submitted the mailed questionnaires. For your safety:
    • Census takers will contact Marquette Police Department before canvassing the surrounding neighborhoods. If you are concerned, you are encouraged to contact MUPD’s non-emergency line at (414) 288-6800 to confirm census takers are in the area.
    • Every census taker has a badge and will present it upon request. They will also have with them specially branded items, including a lanyard and tote bag.
    • As mentioned, residence halls and university-owned apartments have been counted. Census takers will not be entering these buildings.

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